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PSP web browser With the recent North American release of the version 2.0 firmware for the Sony PlayStation Portable still circulating around the Internet, Next Generation has a snippet from an interview with one of the designers behind the new PSP web browser, Izumi Kawanishi.  Kawanishi explains why the PSP web browser lacks certain features (Flash support), which features it may include in the future (FTP access), and where he sees the PSP web browser project headed overall (hint: it involves communication).

The web browser is based on a Tab system. "The Tab function is not much used even on PC. Often when you click on a link, a new window appears and often you need to open a large number of these windows before accessing the content you are seeking for. This could not be done on the PSP for obvious reasons. Now, concerning this Tab function, because of memory limitation, you are limited to three Tabs.

When I consider all of the PSP's features, the mobile web browser is the most appealing.  Yes, I know, games-movies-music-etc., but the ability to jump online from anywhere with Wi-Fi access is something I've wanted for a long time.  Back in the Stone Age of PDAs I had (still have, actually, although it no longer works) a Handspring Visor which was great for keeping notes and addresses, but the best part about it was an expansion ("Springboard") slot that allowed for hardware additions.  I picked up a little ThumPad keyboard and a GPS device for it, but the modem and Ethernet expansions were so expensive and seemingly so rare that I just never got around to getting one before Handspring was absorbed by Palm and the whole Visor line was chunked.

Now that the PSP is on the web (and hopefully the Nintendo DS will follow, since that's the portable system of choice in my little world), hopefully we'll see more mobile Internetting made available to the common person who doesn't carry a Blackberry and kin around everywhere.