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Weekly Poll: PSP 2.0

Weekly Poll for 8-21-05There's certainly not a lot of love out there for Microsoft, or at least not the upcoming Xbox 360 variant.  Most people either don't plan to buy the Xbox 360 or want to wait for the prices to drop.  I'm with you all out there.  If I do ever get the new Xbox, it won't be on launch day, that's for sure.

Shifting platforms, last week Sony finally released the North American version of the version 2.0 firmware for their PlayStation Portable.  The new firmware boasts an official web browser, but it also breaks all of those unsanctioned homebrew applications and classic console emulators created by fans.  This week's poll asks if you upgraded to the new version.  If you didn't upgrade, why not?  Vote in the poll and leave your comments below.