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Weekly Poll: Congratulations! It's A (Virtual) Boy!

Weekly Poll for 8-7-05Last week's poll regarding canceled games shows that a lot of people really wanted a crack at the unfinished Earthbound 64, a game that I'm still hoping will show up somewhere in some format (but hopefully with a plot that follows up the last game in the series).  When I created the poll I was a bit concerned that Mother's presence in the options would split the Earthbound vote, but that wasn't an issue in the end.  As for Vectorman, well... I think we can see why Sega canned the Sony PlayStation 2 revival.

Today, August 14, 2005, is the tenth anniversary of the release of Nintendo's Virtual Boy in North America.  You remember the Virtual Boy, right?  It's the big red Viewmaster on a tripod that allowed for stereoscopic 3D effects, but also caused severe headaches and eye damage in young children.  The system was dead within six months, but its spirit lives on among its devoted fans.  Did you ever own a Virtual Boy?  Do you still have it?  Vote in this week's poll and let's see just how popular (or unpopular) the Virtual Boy is ten years later.  Also watch for more Virtual Boy memories throughout the week.