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Tell Nintendo About Your Internet Connection

Mario Kart DSYou can always tell when Nintendo is gearing up for something new whenever they ask their fans a few questions.  This time the company wants to know all about your Internet connection as they prepare to launch the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection network.  Just answer a few questions, download their test application that sends data back to the mothership regarding your connection, and then you get a free Animal Crossing desktop clock.

No personally identifiable information is collected or transmitted to Nintendo by this program. This program does not retain any information that could be used to track the information back to you or your computer. Along with the information that you entered when you first run the application (line type, router type/model), the application sends the results of several tests that have been run between your computer and Nintendo's server. These results are displayed to you at the end of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Networking Test, and will only be sent once you agree to do so.

I can't help but wonder what the test application will think of my meager 56K dial-up connection.  Stop laughing!  Let's see you try shopping for broadband in a market where all the services are grossly overpriced.