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Square-Enix To Make A Journey To The Cave Of Monsters?

Bubble BobbleSometimes while waiting for highly anticipated news to break, something completely unexpected drops in from out of nowhere.  Like this news item, for instance: famed merged RPG developer/publisher Square-Enix wants to acquire developer/publisher Taito.  Bloomberg has the story.

Square Enix Co., Japan's top maker of role-playing video games, offered to pay as much as 67 billion yen ($610 million) to buy arcade game maker Taito Corp., becoming the latest games company to merge amid increased competition.

If this acquisition happens, I have but a single request/demand of the newly combined entity: a Bubble Bobble RPG.  I want Bubble legends Bub and Bob to meet up with Hullaballoon, Stoner, and Beluga and convince them to join their party, then go on a fantastic journey to defeat Baron Von Blubba and his minion, Grumple Grommit.  I want the classic attacks of both friends and foes to turn up, plus I want all the familiar power-up items available for use.  Give me all of this wrapped together with a coherent story and I'll climb aboard for this journey as soon as its released.  C'mon, Square-Enix-Taito.  Give us Bubble Bobble: Cave of Monsters!

(via Joystiq)