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Semi-Clever Subtitles The New "Touch", "DS"

The New '64'A few months ago I took issue with how then-new Nintendo DS titles were becoming a little lazy.  Remember when every announced DS games included the word "Touch" in some variant or merely took an existing title and slapped a "DS" on the end?  Someone out there is listening to me, as "Touch" and "DS" are largely on the decline when it comes to newly announced titles.

Now we're facing a slew of games that have subtitles that start with the letters "D" and S".  Consider these upcoming and released titles:

I have to admit, I don't mind this.  While "Touch" and "DS" were stagnant, these subtitles help me keep upcoming titles straight in my mind; I can just look for the DSed subtitle and know which games are DS titles which are not, and yet the titles aren't completely derivative.  After a while it'll probably start to grate as the subtitles become more and more forced, but for now I like to see how the letters are worked into the title.  Once we get to word combinations that make no useful sense whatsoever (Resident Evil: Drinkable Splatters), it'll be time to move on.