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Rare DuckTales Prototype Revealed

DuckTalesSimilar to the Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge prototype featured earlier in the week, here is a look at a prototype beta version of 1991's DuckTales for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Initially designed by Japanese Capcom developers who had never actually seen the original cartoon, the prototype is loaded with out-of-character Engrish dialog.  Some characters are misnamed (Gizmo Duck is called "Roboduck" in this early version, while duck nephew Dewey is known as "Duey" in some places), a few items were changed for the final version, and the value of the diamonds scattered around the game are worth mere pennies compared to the end product.

Fortunately, a Disney producer by the name of Darlene Waddington joined the project late in development and brought the game more in line with established DuckTales continuity, cleaning up the dialog and redesigning some character sprites to match their TV incarnations.  Darlene speaks at length about the changes she ordered made to the game:

"As I recall, sprucing up text was always a big hassle. Capcom didn't want to devote any precious resources to text, so you had to be extremely brief. It was also hard to convince them to bother with fixing punctuation because it was neither here nor there to them. Some things on the 'to do' list wouldn't get done for God knows what reason, so you had to strategically insist on certain key bug fixes near the end rather than getting them all fixed. At least that's how it was back then."

Be sure not to miss the alternate endings cut from the final version of the game, such as the bummer of Scrooge losing his entire fortune and the sappy Engrish advice dispensed by Uncle Scrooge after realizing that there is something much more valuable than treasures and gems.