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New On PTB: Recommended Games And Matt's Portfolio

Bub presses the buttonOver the weekend I changed the sidebar around a little here at Press The Buttons, reordering some things and adding a new section, "Recommended".  As you know, products purchased via Press The Buttons help keep this place running, and up until now I've put a single Amazon product on the sidebar that changed automatically according to the company's top sellers.  I felt that since I am a product analyst, after all, I should be promoting video games that I have played and find favorable and not just what is selling well at Amazon.

I'll be changing the featured titles every week or so and selecting five games for the various consoles, portable systems, and computers that I have played and enjoyed.  Sometimes you may even see a game-related book that I've read or a game-related DVD that I've watched.  Rest assured that everything appearing in the "Recommended" section has the MattG seal of approval on it.

I've also made a small change to my own biography page.  My portfolio is now listed on the page, so now you're just a few clicks away from the reviews, previews, and special articles that I've written for AMN and beyond.  As time goes on and I write more material, you will find fresh links to that material on my biography page.

Thanks for making Press The Buttons a part of your daily online travels.  I have some interesting ideas for the future, so stay tuned and keep reading!