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PS3 To Do Everything Except Play Games

PlayStation 3Sony has sights on dominating the home techno-gadget industry.  This is not a surprise, of course, but some of the latest details trickling out about the Sony PlayStation 3 paint a picture of Sony devices converging to play movies, music, pictures, data, and all kinds of other things.  Maxconsole has the story, and after reading it and learning of Sony's plans for non-gaming hard drive units and TiVo expansions and using the PlayStation Portable as a remote control and declaring all pre-PS3 peripherals obsolete, I have to wonder: where are the games?

Yes, we've all seen the demos and supposed-gameplay clips and screenshots, but I want to see a real game in action.  No cinema scenes, no trailers, but an actual honest-to-god game in motion with a life meter and maybe an item box onscreen.  That really goes for Microsoft and Nintendo, too.  No more posing and strutting until they have the goods to back it up.