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Nintendogs Event Podcast Now Available

Nintendo's Dog DayDid you miss out on this past Sunday's Nintendogs event in New York at the Nintendo World Store?  Don't worry, Nintendo has you covered.  The company has created a little eleven megabyte audio experience for Nintendogs fans everywhere to enjoy.

This on-the-scene account of the event offers insight into this one-of-a-kind gaming experience through interviews with girl gamers, consumers, Nintendo Public Relations Manager Amber McCollom, Teen People Trendspotters and Nintendogs experts.

From the sound of things, girls love Nintendogs.  Dog training tips are exchanged, fans are briefly interviewed, and even a parent weighs in now and then.  Ms. McCollom's segment goes in to why girls are apt to love raising portable puppies and just how the Nintendo DS's wireless mode enables gamers to meet new players and their dogs.  Teen People even proclaims the experience "better than Barbie", so if that's not a young girl stamp of approval, I don't know what is.  It certainly looks like Nintendo is well on its way to capturing that elusive girl gamer demographic.  Nintendogs has already conquered Japan, North America is falling for it now, and Europe is up next.  I wonder how the Europeans will react to the game...

(Picture courtesy Nintendo of America)