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Nintendo Sequel Machine Jams, Coughs Up Six Pokemon Games

GreedichuNintendo has revealed the next six games in the long-running series of Pokemon games.  The company will... hold on, wait a minute here.  The next six games?  This is a company that takes years and years to even release one new installment of a franchise, and now they're pumping out six in a single year?  Of a franchise I don't care about?  What the hell?

Sorry, where was I?  Oh yes, the next six games include such soon-to-be-classic and soon-to-be-pirated and soon-to-be-begged-for-on-the-playground titles as Pokemon Ranger: The Road To Pokemon Diamond And Pearl, Pokemon Torouze, Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Red Rescue ForcePokemon Mysterious Dungeon Blue Rescue Force, Pokemon Diamond, and Pokemon Pearl.  Toss in the already announced Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness for an even seven titles on the way.  No, I did not make up those titles for exaggerated comedic effect.  Those are the real deal, folks.  No word on if any of these games will make it out of Japan, but I'm betting that at least some of them will because Pokemon is, after all, a license to print money.