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GeistY'know, maybe Nintendo does have a kiddie image problem.  I'm playing the new GameCube possession shooter Geist this morning when I came across a womens' locker room.  The locker room led into a shower room, complete with naked bathing women.  Now before anyone overreacts, the game is rated "M" and the ladies' breasts, rears, and waists are obscured by opaque soap suds or towels.  There are no exposed "naughty bits", but I still found the semi-nudity jarring.

I've come across bare skin in other video games before, but I think what was so odd was finding such content in a game published by Nintendo.  It's not as if Samus Aran was in the shower, but it just seemed like such an odd juxtaposition: nudity in a mainstream Nintendo-published video game.  I never thought I'd see the day.  My little game company is growing up, *sniff*.