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Namco And Bandai Choose New Identity

Bandai NamcoRemember a while back when it was revealed that the newly-merged Namco and Bandai were considering a new name for themselves?  Well, it seems that they've made their decision.  The combined entity is to be known as Bandai Namco.  I hate to see Namco take the second position there.  After all, they're the group that brought us Pac-Man.  Creating the world's first video game hero has got to give a company corporate street cred.

Bandai gets top billing in the arrangement because the old Bandai group will have majority control of the new company.  You know what this means, right?  Prepare yourselves for Mobile Suit Ridge Racer Gundam!  Kidding aside, I hate to see the old solo Namco name disappear.  Namco was always a quality publisher from which I could expect great things.  What they will become now that Bandai is calling the shots remains to be seen.