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Metroid Prime Hunters To Go Online

Samus AranA few days ago I remarked that if the reason for the delay of the Nintendo DS title Metroid Prime Hunters was not to add Wi-Fi abilities to the game's multiplayer mode, then I would be disappointed.  Guess what?  I'm not disappointed.  Nintendo has officially announced that the game will include an online multiplayer mode when it launches next year, hence the delay.

Since the Nintendo DS™ first launched with demo versions of Metroid® Prime Hunters, fans have been clamoring for the completed version of the game. Their patience has paid off. Metroid Prime Hunters will launch in the first quarter of 2006, complete with access to Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection, Nintendo’s upcoming online gaming service.

Thank you, Nintendo.  All is forgiven, although someday I'd like to hear the whole story behind the trials and tribulations of creating this game.  As long as Mario Kart DS stays on track for a 2005 release, we're golden.