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Kree, JoWood! Perception Fires Back Over Stargate

Anubis, the Goa'uld System LordI think we can forget about seeing Stargate SG-1: The Alliance anytime soon.  Last week publisher JoWood announced it was pulling the license to create the game back from developer Perception, but now this week Perception has announced that they hold the rights to develop a game based on Stargate SG-1, not JoWood, and therefore will continue developing the game in hopes of finding another publisher who can release it.  With both companies claiming to hold the Stargate license, it's only a matter of time before both organizations unleash their armies of Jaffa lawyers.  Gateworld has some quotes from the companies involved.

"We view it as unfortunate that JoWooD would elect to make such misleading and libelous comments to the media and the marketplace," Perception CEO Ben Lenzo said. "Over the last nine months, JoWooD has openly acknowledged being in breach of contract in a number of areas including many legal and confidentiality breaches as well as several financial defaults for work performed by Perception and accepted by JoWooD."

I have a wacky idea that may settle this whole mess of company politics right now.  Somebody had to sign a contract with Stargate's owners, MGM Studios, right?  Why not take that contract out of the filing cabinet and read the first few pages to find out just who acquired the license rights?  Something tells me that both companies will go around and around in court, delaying the release of the game time after time until it is outdated or, at the worst, canceled completely.  It's a series of maneuvers worthy of a Goa'uld.