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Jack Thompson's Cocky Attitude Exposed

VG Cats: Coco Beans In Hot WaterThere have been rumblings in the world of gaming blogs and message communities for a few weeks now that anti-game lawyer Jack Thompson sends back unprofessional and sometimes threatening responses to video game fans who send messages to his public e-mail address written in a polite and professional format.  Now the gaming media is starting to pick up on his behavior.  AMN has posted several of Thompson's negative and rude responses obtained while attempting to contact the lawyer and others involved with protests against gaming for comments in regards to an upcoming feature on politics and video games.

Our source sent a reply in protest, telling Mr. Thompson, “I guess I should've expected [a copy and paste response] considering you pretty much did the same thing to Electronic Arts' letter regarding removing the 'blur' effect.”, referring to EA’s rebuttal against recent claims of lewd content in The Sims 2.   Mr. Thompson’s response was a simple “Duh.”.

So while Thompson's ravings and ramblings are nothing new to the gaming community, I'm glad to see a professional media outlet bring his behavior into the spotlight.  Here's hoping that this is the start of the unraveling of Jack Thompson's crusade.