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Here Comes Play-Yan Micro

Play-Yan Micro Nintendo has given the Japanese Play-Yan multimedia device for use with the Game Boy Advance SP a little revamp in anticipation of the coming of the Game Boy Micro.  The old Play-Yan is a thing of the past as the Play-Yan Micro pushes and shoves its way into Nintendo of Japan's online store on September 11, 2005.  IGN has the story.

Don't let the name fool you -- Play-Yan Micro is nearly identical to the standard Play-Yan, right down to the same dimensions. Nintendo has seen fit to include the latest firmware updates directly in the hardware, giving the device MP4 and ASF video support right out of the box. The user interface has been updated for Play-Yan Micro, making for a slicker interface when compared with the comical interface from the original device. Sadly, Play-Yan Micro is incompatible with the flash-based mini games that Nintendo has made available for Play-Yan.

So now the Play-Yan has entered the second stage of its life cycle and those of us outside of Japan have yet to taste the sweet multimedia treat.  C'mon, Nintendo, get moving and localize the Play-Yan for sale in the rest of the world already.  We'll provide our own content.  Give the rest of the world's GBAs and Nintendo DSs movie and music playback abilities.  I promise that we won't even complain about the missing mini-games.