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Have A Question For Jack Thompson?

VG Cats: Coco Beans In Hot WaterLove him, hate him, or merely find his ramblings entertaining, it seems that everyone in the video gaming world has an opinion regarding self-appointed "anti-game crusader" Jack Thompson.  A lot of people have questions they'd like to ask him, but as many who have sent e-mails to his public e-mail address have discovered, he can be a loose cannon when it comes to giving civil replies.  Here's your chance to ask Thompson questions for a (hopefully) civil interview.

GamePolitics has convinced Thompson to grant an interview (or maybe it's the other way around) and is taking questions from readers.  Just post your question to the blog's LiveJournal post and the best questions will be forwarded to Thompson.  Want to know which games he likes?  Here's your chance.  Dying to know about his upcoming book?  Ask away.  Better hurry though - you only have today, Thursday, to get your queries into the pool.  Please, just keep it civil.  It remains to be seen how many people will read this interview and we don't want to help Thompson continue to give gaming fans a bad name.