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ESRB RatingsWe're all a little weary of Hot Coffee by now, but here's something worth your attention.  It seems like everybody not actually involved with the creation of video games has spoken out on the issue, but now the developers have a chance to be heard.

Gamasutra has the results of a recent question poised to their audience of game creators and associated staff: "Do you think that the ESRB and retailers do a good job of rating and controlling access to video games in North America, and is government legislation to control game rating and distribution a good idea?"  There are numerous answers from people in the industry, from small-time development studios all the way up to Electronic Arts itself.  Here's part of a response from Carlo Delallana of Ubisoft:

Kids will find a way to get what they want, especially things they aren't supposed to have. Until we have games that disintegrate or render itself unplayable should an M-rated game fall into a minor's hands there will be no substitute for diligent parenting. I don't think that the government should create additional legislation to control game ratings and distribution.

All of the replies are worth reading, but this one has a point worth repeating: kids will find a way to get what they want.  As long as parents are oblivious to the fact that the first gamers have grown up (resulting in a new subset of games not designed for the kiddies), we will continue to hear "Games are bad!" rants and ravings from the uninformed fringe.