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Game FAQs Go Portable On PSP

PSPThanks to Jacob Metcalf for sending along his new tutorial that walks users through the process of saving and formatting video game FAQs directly to the Sony PlayStation Portable for use while out and about in the real world.  The next time you're in the middle of nowhere and need some help on Lumines, you'll be all set.

Now that Sony added a decent web browser to the PSP with the 2.0 firmware update it could be super cool to use the PSP as a PDA text browser to read HTML documents saved to the Memory Stick Duo. This could be super cool if you put a couple FAQs and walk-through guides on the PSP so you could use it as a hand held reference when you are playing other game systems or if you are between PSP games.

This is an excellent idea and the directions are simple enough that even those without HTML experience can follow along.  Load up on FAQs and walkthroughs before you next long trip and you'll never have to worry about a puzzling maze or impossible boss encounter again.  Well, at least until your batteries die.  No FAQ can help with that, I'm afraid.