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F-Zero GX Meets Mario Paint

Grid Chozo New video games often have a short shelf life in the public eye.  After release the games are praised and/or panned, then eventually dropped into the discount rack.  It's easy to forget that some games maintain a thriving fan community long after the last boss is defeated and the last race is won.  Consider the gang over at F-Zero World and their large collection of do-it-yourself emblem patterns.

Combining classic gaming sprites and backgrounds with the custom tools of F-Zero GX allows players to decorate racers with custom emblems with Mario, Mega Man, metroids, anime characters, and many other memorable graphics from days gone by.  It looks like it takes some time and dedication to do it right, and the images of characters on a grid with appropriate color guides reminds of the old stamp tools and guides from Mario Paint.

And of no interest to anyone but myself is the fact that according to the site's F-Zero AX location guide, there's an arcade near me with two F-Zero AX machines.  I may just have to take a little drive and check it out (for purely journalistic reasons, of course).  Now, where'd I leave my F-Zero GX memory card data?