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Cheaters Want To Prosper

Wario's victoryWhile checking to see just what people were looking for using PTB's site search, I found that a lot of people are searching for game cheats and walkthroughs.  Those of you searching for those things aren't necessarily going to find them here because I don't post much in the way of cheats and walkthroughs.  There are plenty of websites out there that do that already, but that's really part of the problem, isn't it?  So many sites out there look like cheat sites, and yet don't actually have anything useful to say.  Typically these sites are just set up to lure in eyeballs to see their advertisements.  Shameful business, that.

While I won't be giving the would-be cheaters any tips, I can point them to where I turn when I need a map or a code.  These are trusty sites for any gamer's bookmark list when the going gets tough.

  • GameFAQs for your walkthrough and push-button code needs
  • Cheatzilla for your Game Genie / Pro Action Replay requirements (primarily for older games)
  • GameXplain for video walkthroughs of difficult portions of new games (a division of AMN)

If there's a challenging game out there, chances are at least one of these three places will offer up some help for it.