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Anti-Game Protesters March, Issue Demands

Gr-AO-nd Theft Auto: San AndreasThose who seek to censor video games have put down their press releases and started protesting the old fashioned way: they're takin' it to the streets.  Activist group 'Peaceoholics' (those poor people, addicted to peaceohol) and infamous lawyer Jack Thompson turned out for a protest in front of Rockstar's New York office, marching with homemade signs and issues demands that they want the company to agree to in writing.  GamePolitics has the whole story, but I'd like to take a closer look at the Peaceoholics' demands.  Before we do that though, take a look at this quote from the group's founder, Mr. Ronald Moten:

"It [video game violence] desensitizes them and makes them think that these acts are alright - it's alright to whup a woman, it's alright to steal a car, it's alright to mess with a prostitute, it's alright to curse and to use drugs."

Now then, on to the demands.

Not to release Bully under any circumstances

Here we go again with trying to ban a game that is not yet complete.  Shades of 25 To Life, I think.  The term "under any circumstances" is what I notice; this group is stating that there is no way to release this unfinished game in a way that would please them.  It's a shame that they're not the target audience here.

Volunteer to sell its violent and sexually explicit games in adult video stores only

Yes, "volunteer", because the Peaceoholics know they don't have a legal leg to stand on.  If they could force proposed legislation on this issue, I think they would do it.  And as I have many others have stated time and again, it's up to retail stores to decide which games they carry for sale.  If Best Buy wants to sell Bully or Grand Theft Auto, they are perfectly within their rights to do so, just as Rockstar and Take Two are perfectly within their rights to sell the game to any retail store that wants it.

Let parents return Grand Theft Auto for a full refund until they do a national awareness campaign to educate parents of content and possible effects

Theoretically Rockstar could start a public awareness campaign immediately and sidestep the refund issue as stated by this demand, but I think that would be a mistake.  Opening the refund door starts us down a slippery slope in which any game that a parent became enraged about after the fact could be returned.  As far as educated parents of the game's content, isn't that what the big shiny "M" or "AO" on the box is for in the first place?

Create a fund for victims of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and car-jackings, etc.

Right, because Grand Theft Auto is responsible for every "unauthorized use of a motor vehicle" and carjacking ever committed since the game's release.  While creating a fund is a noble cause, if the Peaceoholics want to see such a fund exist so badly, why don't they organize and fund it themselves?  Oh, right, that would mean doing something besides marching with big signs.

Make a national apology for misleading and lying to children, parents, and legislators about their intentions and causing insurance premiums to sky rocket.

Insurance premiums?  Where did that come from?  Can I blame Grand Theft Auto for my occasional poor health?  Because if we're going to tie the game to rising insurance, I'm sure I can equally tie it to the effects of society on human health.

Give a written response within five business days of receipt of these demands.

I can think of an appropriate written response to these outrageous and outlandish demands; it's only two words, in fact.  However, those words go against Moten's policy of not using curse words, so I believe I will refrain.