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The Making Of Goldeneye 007

GoldeneyeGraham_S over at the rllmuk forum has an typed out a summary of Dave Doak's remarks regarding his time developing the Nintendo 64 classic Goldeneye 007Goldeneye changed the way that consoles handled first person shooters and it's good to hear some of the stories about why the development team at Rare made design decisions the way that they did.

Goldeneye was shown at the Shoshinkai show to an underwhelming reception. (It was just called "Bond", along with "Digger", the codename for Blast Corps). It was still a Virtua Cop game at that stage. It was a run through the archives. They realized that they'd already built the camera to fly through the world on rails, and Doom and Quake were so popular, the realized they could make it an FPS.

I revisited Goldeneye last week after having not played it in a while and I have to say that it's held up very well over time.  Sure the visuals don't compare to today's modern shooters, but the gameplay is just as immersive as ever.