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The Adventures Of Radd Spencer: Bionic Commando

Bionic Commando Back in the late twentieth century when video games had fewer colors, less dimensions, and improper English translations there was a little game about a commando... a bionic commando.  Capcom's Bionic Commando chronicled the missions of Capt. Radd Spencer, bionic commando, as he used his trusty bionic arm to swing through level after level in search of the missing Super Joe, the deadly Albatross weapon, and the dangerous Master-D.

The Bionic Commando Database is a complete guide to the classic Nintendo Entertainment System game, turning the entire adventure inside out and revealing some of the history behind the title including it's Japanese origins as Top Secret in which Spencer sought out a revived Adolf Hitler in order to destroy his rebuilt war machine.  It's understandable why Capcom changed the story (and graphics) when the game came to North America, but whose bright idea was it to rename the head villain Master-D?  I mean, really, Master-D