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Stupid Annoyance #4712

UMDMore and more movie studios are jumping on the Sony PlayStation Portable bandwagon and releasing their films on UMD as well as DVD.  Even the television commercials these days include the tagline "Coming to DVD and PSP!".  Here's what annoys me: DVD is the disc format, while PSP is the movie player.  They're promoting apples and oranges here.

Technically the commercials should say "Coming to DVD and UMD!" except that casual consumers are just starting to get their brains wrapped around what a "PSP" is, let alone "UMD".  Back in the days of video cassettes and video cassette recorders commercials didn't proclaim "Coming to VCR!", they said "Coming to VHS!" which is the name of the cassette format.

Every time I hear "Coming to DVD and PSP!" the mistake wears on me just a little.  It's just another of life's stupid little insignificant annoyances that doesn't mean a thing in the long run, and yet I just can't let it go.