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Resident Evil DS?

Leon S. Kennedy One of the rumors that popped up during the holiday weekend is that Capcom is supposedly planning a remake of the original Resident Evil for the Nintendo DS that integrates the camera angles and graphical style of the Nintendo GameCube's Resident Evil 4.  How Capcom plans to squeeze Resident Evil 4's visuals into the Nintendo DS remains to be seen, assuming this rumor is true.

I have to wonder though, why go back to the Resident Evil well?  The original game has been ported and remade and re-released so many times at this point.  Why not create a new Resident Evil title that is designed from the ground up to take advantage of the Nintendo DS's abilities instead of shoehorning an older game into territory that it may not belong?  On the other hand, it's a Capcom tradition to re-release the same basic game as many times as possible.  Just ask Mega Man or the cast of Street Fighter.