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Resident Evil 5 Announced; Anti-Nintendo Fans Boast

Leon S. KennedyWord has come forward that Capcom is working on the next sequel in the Resident Evil series for next generation consoles.  1-UP has word that the game is confirmed for the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360.  The game's presence on Nintendo Revolution is not mentioned at all; no confirmations or denials.  Surf around to the Internet's discussion gaming forums and you'll find gamers who, for some reason, live to see Nintendo fail and boasting that the Revolution will not play host to Resident Evil 5.

It's not often that I respond to the irrational anti-fanboys out there, but I invite them to consider this: has any third-party developer or publisher announced solid Revolution plans?  Titles, release dates, prices?  No.  Moreover, with the exception of Electronic Arts, no company has announced plans to ignore the Revolution in the next generation.  The rumor is that Nintendo has asked third-parties to keep quiet about their plans until the company is ready to reveal the Revolution's big secret to the general public.  Capcom's silence on the Revolution in this instance does not mean that they are ignoring the console.  While the exclusion does raise question marks on Resident Evil 5's Nintendo-related status, it's far too early to write off Capcom's overall Revolution involvement.

Personally I think we're just hearing the sour grapes of anti-Nintendo fans who are still upset that the GameCube does a damn fine job with Resident Evil 4 before the PlayStation 2 gets a crack at it.  I'm a newcomer to the Resident Evil series and I love what Capcom has produced with the latest installment.  Wherever part five lands, I'll be sure to check it out.