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Pokemon Plush Dolls Recalled

PokerecallNintendojo reports that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Nintendo have ordered a recall of Pokemon plush dolls.  The recall applies to over nine thousand dolls sold or given away as promotion items through Nintendo itself between April and June 2005.  This includes the dolls given away at E3.  If you have a Pikachu, Minun, Plusle, Skitty, Evee, Munchlax, Mew, Ho-Oh, or Lugia stuffed Pokemon doll (and you know just what the hell those names mean) you should contact Nintendo by phone at 800-930-6613 for a free non-defective replacement.  And just what makes these dolls defective?

The items have been sent back due to the purported occurrence of sewing needle tips that may be embedded within the dolls' stuffing. Luckily, no injuries have been reported.

See?  Nothing big.  Just a danger of puncture wounds.  In a bizarre way the needles are appropriate; after all, wild Pokemon are supposed to be dangerous creatures.