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Phantom Game Console Granted Trademark

Phantom Gaming ServiceIt would seem that Infinium Labs has applied for and been granted a trademark for their vaporware Phantom Game Service.  You remember the Phantom; it's the game console that allows players to basically rent PC and console games that are downloaded to the Phantom console itself.  The catch is that the system has been in development for years and Infinium has never shown a working demo and only appeared at a single E3, the games they claim they will support are somewhat dated for being a new console (1996's Mega Man X3 anyone?), and the companies they claim to be working with never have anything to say about the service.  Then there's that whole business of Infinium Labs not actually, you know, existing in the sense of having office space.  Now Infinium has a trademark on their little baby.

"This trademark preserves the Phantom Game Service brand in the marketplace and protects our service identity."

If Phantom ever reaches the marketplace I imagine the trademark would protect them, but popular opinion seems to be that Infinium will take advantage of this trademark to sue anyone using the name "Phantom" for trademark violation.  They've spent far more time in court than actually developing a console up until now as it is.