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Nintendo Sponsors Surfing Contest For Children

Adventure Island IINintendo products do not appeal just to children, and to prove it the company is sponsoring a surfing competition for children between the ages of six and sixteen.  The idea here is to push Nintendo products down at the beach, showing once again that the best place to take hundreds of dollars in electronics is to a place filled with lots of sand and salt water.  Also, to prove that Nintendo is down with the surfing culture, the press release announcing the sponsorship is packed with surfing lingo.  Or, at least, the lingo that marketers use when they want to sound like they are down with the surfing culture.

Groms at each location will get buffed out with Nintendo prizes and will bask in the summer's hottest Nintendo game play with new titles for Game Boy Advance® SP including WarioWare™ Twisted! and Mario Golf ™: Advance Tour.   Each event also will dub one aggro grom as winner of the "Nintendo Wave of the Day" award, honoring each day's best overall ride.

Woo!  Totally awesome to the fantasmic max!  What a buff way to spin some paks to the groms out there on the surf 'n turf because, as we all know, young surfers can't get enough of Mario Golf.  This sponsorship might not feel so transparently forced if Nintendo had a surfing game to promote this summer.  Personally, I think it would make more sense for Nintendo to seek out tomorrow's golf champions and build their summer sponsorship plans around that.