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Nintendo Revolution Controller Rumor #213

Nintendo RevolutionI generally stay away from game console development rumors because they almost always turn out to be false.  Show me an official developer press release any day.  This rumor about the upcoming Nintendo Revolution's controller is rather anticlimactic as these things go, but it's also the most feasible rumor to come along in recent weeks which is why it caught my attention.  The amazing revolution?  Buttons.

[It] looks just like a WaveBird, except that the GameCube face button scheme with the big A, small B, and X & Y kidney shaped buttons has been switched out for four small round buttons in a cross configuration, i.e. the traditional SNES/PlayStation/Xbox setup. I believe the button colour scheme used on the Revolution prototype is as follows: X (top) button = indigo, Y button = yellow, A button = green, B button = red.

If this turns out to be true it will be disappointing that there are no magic gyroscopes or amazin' motion sensors or little slot that dispenses yummy peanut butter candies when players achieve certain goals, but it certainly fits the Nintendo line of just how the controller will work for the classic downloadable titles.  The person who started the rumor admittedly did not get to see the controller in action so there could still be secrets to be revealed, but the button pattern sounds right on the money to me.