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Nintendo Plans Expansion Pack

Daigasso! Band Bros.The Japanese Nintendo DS music game Daigasso! Band Bros. is about to get an expansion pack in the form of a Game Boy Advance game pak.  Nintendo is adding twenty new songs to Daigasso! on a GBA cartridge; in order to enjoy the new music players must insert both the Daigasso! game and the expansion cartridge into the DS, allowing the original game to pull data from the GBA cartridge.

The ability to add new features to titles already on the market is something that Nintendo has been flirting with for some time now.  The e-reader peripheral and a set of special cards can add new levels to Super Mario Advance 4, for instance, but at great expense for extra hardware.   Now, at long last, Nintendo seems to have found an easy and economical way to add new content to old games.  How about new tracks for Mario Kart DS, additional levels for Kirby Canvas Curse, or a second quest for the upcoming DS Legend of Zelda title?  Provided that the expansions are reasonably priced, I know I'd pick up some for games I've come to love.