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Namco and Bandai Kick Around Post-Merger Names

BannamVideo game publishers Namco and Bandai are on the verge of completing a merger and with a merging of businesses comes the need for a new name that encapsulates what once were two separate companies.  Nintendojo has a list of names that the soon-to-be-combined entity is considering.  Some are predictable, such as Namco Bandai and Bandai Namco (and their Japanese variants).  Then there's the two options that, to me, are terrible choices:

  • Bannam
  • Namban

Two creative gaming development/publishing companies are actually considering "Bannam" and "Namban" as names.  Ignoring the fact that using one of these combo names tosses away years of name brand recognition, these two choices are silly and downright uncreative.  Could you take the resulting company seriously with a name like Bannam or Namban?  Things could be worse though.  They could be considering "Moland Springs".