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McDonald's Announces PSP Contest

McDonald's PSPIf you love greasy fast food and don't have a Sony PlayStation Portable yet, then you're in luck.  McDonald's has begun a contest promotion in which the prizes include PSPs and 50,000 other PlayStation-related goodies.  To enter the contest just get the game piece code off of a Big Mac container, go to the contest website, register all of your personal information for use in future marketing campaigns, and enter the code.  If the company runs this contest as they did last year's Monopoly contest, certain game pieces are winners only if they are entered into the website at a certain unknown time of day.  For example, game piece #636525 is only a winner if you redeem it at 5:23:51 PM on July 12, 2005.

The instant win industry has been using website-based game pieces for a while now, and personally I've never cared for them.  Game pieces used to have a prize on them; by printing up X number of winning game pieces, it's guaranteed that there will be X number of winners if all off the pieces are distributed.  Using a website to run the contest not only gives the contest promoter (in this case McDonald's) all of the personal information it asks for before you can check your game piece, but the promoter could easily rig the game so that they do not have to give away every prize by ensuring that only a few of the X number of game pieces are winners.

I love a good contest, but I'll pass on this one.  I value my time too much to work out exactly when my game piece is a winner and I value my health too much to eat at McDonald's every day to collect more and more game pieces.

(via kotaku)