CNBC's Big (Rigged) Idea
Pokemon Plush Dolls Recalled


Hurricane Floyd 1999After reading the reports of the media's biased views on video game violence the looking at the weather maps of Hurricane Dennis's projected path near my little corner of the world, I started thinking about the types of games we'll be seeing in the next generation and how a video game based on living through a major hurricane could be an intriguing game to play.

Consider a video game set in Florida, days before a storm strikes.  Players could play as a regular citizen, a member of an emergency rescue team, a police officer, or any other storm-centric character.  The early levels could involve driving through town to prepare for the storm before time runs out, there could be a thrilling evacuation level as the winds begin to stir, and during the storm itself one could play as a rescue worker who is sent from place to place, dodging debris and other hazards.  After the storm passes the beautiful city models from earlier in the game are wrecked and destroyed.  Then the rebuilding begins.  The whole thing could even be a MMORPG.

Here's hoping that Hurricane Dennis doesn't do too much damage this weekend.  Good luck to everyone in the storm's path and stay safe.  Charge up those Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation Portable batteries well in advance!