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GeistAMN is reporting that n-Space's shooter with a ghostly twist, Geist, has finally gone gold and is ready for release.  Geist has a somewhat troubled history; it's been in development for quite some time exclusively for the Nintendo GameCube and has undergone a number of revisions and tweaks.  Just a few weeks ago Nintendo ordered that the game's control scheme had to change from n-Space's original design.  Word has it that some legendary Nintendo directors sat down with the Geist team and specified "The A button does this, the B button does that," and so on.   In case you're joining us late, Geist is Nintendo's most recent attempt to catch the eye of "mature" gamers.  It features guns, gore, partial nudity, and other such things that earn a game a "M" rating.

I've been following Geist's development for a while now.  I'm interested to see if a Nintendo-branded title can attract older audiences, but moreover it turns out that my day job boss's son is an n-Space employee and part of the Geist development team.  Every now and then the boss will bring me up to date on just what his son is working on, and for the past year or so the topic has always been Geist.  I was invited to tour the company's headquarters in Orlando, Florida a few years ago, but at that time the early form of what would become Geist was still under lock and key.  The most "secret" project that I saw at the time was a pre-release version of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker; the n-Spacers were crowded around a TV and watching one developer play through a dungeon.

What will n-Space do after Geist?  The boss tells me that the Geist team has already sold Nintendo on a new original project.  Work on that will begin after Geist is released to stores next month, and the boss has promised me another invite to tour n-Space, this time at their new facility elsewhere in Orlando.  My inner gamer drools at the prospect of seeing the legendary Revolution during that tour, but if history is any judge then I'll most likely see n-Spacers watching a developer play a pre-release version of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.