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Anubis Returns For SG-1: The Alliance

AnubisGateWorld has an article about how the developers behind the upcoming Stargate: SG-1: The Alliance video game for the PC, Microsoxt Xbox, and Sony PlayStation 2 have not only brought in the actors behind the SG-1 team to voice their characters, but have also hired some of the actors who play recurring characters on the television series.  Among those lending a voice to the game is David Palffy, better known to fans as the evil semi-ascended Goa'uld System Lord Anubis.

The game was still in an early stage of development when the actor recorded his lines -- and consequently, Palffy knows little about the story and the doom Anubis will bring to the galaxy. "I did it back in February," he revealed. "To be honest, I can't really give you too much as far as storyline. But it's basically your typical Anubis. He's as bad as they can be and so it's nothing new, really, as far as Anubis is concerned.

I played a demo of The Alliance back at E3 and the game certainly looks impressive.  It's a basic first person shooter with some stealth and puzzle challenges, but the attention to detail regarding the Stargate universe is what will separate this game from other licensed material.  The developers at Perception and JoWood have been very quiet about the game's storyline and so far have only revealed that the game takes place during the pivotal Season 7 of Stargate: SG-1.  Now that I have a modern PC that can actually run The Alliance when it's released later this year, I know I'll be picking this one up.  Jaffa, kree!