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Yarmulkas For The 21st Century

Jewish Diddy Kong Avi Greengart loves his gadgets and his passion for them carries over into religion.  Customs change as time goes on and now the twenty-first century has given birth to the gadget-laden yarmulka.  Mazel Tov!

Male Orthodox Jews wear yarmulkas (or, in Hebrew, a “kippah”) to show deference to God above us. Many Jews choose the specific fabric of the yarmulka to identify with specific religious or political sub-groups; I have chosen a design to identify with an iPod, a Treo, and a PSP. God help me.

Such things aren't all that unusual.  I once saw a young child wearing a yarmulka decorated with colorful dinosaurs.  Kind of a Jewassic Park motif, I'd say.

(via BoingBoing)