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Xbox Baseball League Crumbles

MVP Baseball 2005Remember last week's article about a real baseball game that would take place after two innings of MVP Baseball 2005 on a Microsoft Xbox?  The commissioner of the Northern League, Mike Stone, has canceled the event citing that it is "not in the best interest" of the league.

"Any promotion that could affect the outcome of a regular season game is not permissible. Ultimately, such an event could have an influence on the final standings, and this certainly challenges the integrity of the league."

Fans of Xbox baseball will still have their evening in the sun; the video gamers will instead play two innings of MVP Baseball after the conclusion of the T-Bones / Flyers game, picking up where the real game left off.  Next year the team will play an all-Xbox game during an exhibition game so as not to dishonor the holy creature that is official minor league baseball with a little polygonal fun.