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VoIP 360? Xbox Remote Features Phone-like Buttons

Xbox 360 remote control TeamXbox has some sharp pictures of the new Xbox 360 peripherals, such as the camera and the headset.  What caught my attention is the remote control.  It's meant to replace your existing remote control and has buttons to control the television, DVD functionality, and of course the Xbox's online functions, but what caught my attention are the number buttons at the bottom of the remote.

Digits 0-9 are standard stuff, but what are the * and # buttons for?  And why are there letters above almost every digit?  The configuration of these two buttons along with the letters above the digits is the same as you'd find on a telephone.  Could there be a Vonage-like VoIP function in the works?  If this is old news or has been explained elsewhere someone should tell me because I must have missed a press release somewhere.