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Sony To World: "Stop Talking About PS3!"

PlayStation 3Sometimes CEOs say surprising things.  Take David Reeves of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe for instance.  While speaking at ELSPA's International Games Summit in London last week, Reeves declared that the Sony PlayStation 3 is going "underground" until next year.  You heard the man: no more talk of this PS3 nonsense.  Everyone go pick up a new PlayStation 2, I guess, and stock up on PlayStation Portables while you can.

"I told the troops: OK now we go underground. The PS3 goes underground until it comes out next year."

But I kid David Reeves.  Sony's looking to keep the PS3 overload on hold until they're actually ready to release a product to the marketplace.  If everyone becomes weary of PS3 coverage well before the final product is ready, then Sony can't expect to drum up a media maelstrom next year.  Besides, the PS2 is just breaking into new markets in some places.  Sony estimates that the aging console has only completed 10% of its lifespan in Iran.  No, seriously.  There's a Sony office in Iran.  Stop laughing!

(via Joystiq)