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Sony Reaches New Coolness Level

PS3 ControllerThe Sony PlayStation 3 has taken a step towards completion this week as Sony has begun to send development kits for the next generation console out to developers.  The problem?  Well, it seems that the company has been spreading the "short supply due to lack of parts so preorder today!" philosophy so long that they've moved beyond teasing their customers and have started feeding the line to their software developers.

In a recent interview with Jiji News, Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi revealed that over 100 PlayStation 3 dev kits have been shipped to publishers in America, Europe and Japan. However, further shipments of dev kits may come in stops and starts as Kutaragi went on to say that SCE is running out of parts and is currently unable to ship units to meet demands of the publishers.

You have to admire how cocky Sony has become over the years.  Not only has their hardware become so trendy and in demand that customers cannot buy it, but now it has reached new heights of coolness so cool that developers cannot create games for it.  I eagerly await the day that a Sony console becomes so amazingly popular that it reaches critical majestic mass, causing every unit produced to implode in a puff of awesomeness.  At this rate the PlayStation 4 will be so astonishing that it will be unable to exist on this mortal plane of existence.