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PSP Comics In The Works

Game BoySony has been trademarking up a storm lately, filing trademarks for terms such as "PSP Books" and "PSP Comics".  CNET seems to think the company is planning to bring books, comics, and magazines to Sony's PlayStation Portable, but don't you believe that for a second.  It is quite obvious that Sony is planning a line of comic books starring the PSP in which game characters escape into the real world to do battle in actual locations.

But seriously, is there value in creating text content for the PSP?  I know that the unit has a great screen, but how much could the average PSP user possibly read before winding up with a headache?  To me there is still something about holding an actual book or magazine and turning its pages that just can't be replicated in a digital version.  While the PSP versions of books and magazines may be more convenient, there is just no way of replacing the actual tactile feeling of a good book.