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Thanks, Dad: Game Boy Storage For The Ages

Custom Game Boy caseOn this Father's Day I thought it would be a good time to look back at a piece I wrote for AMN last October which details how my father led me into the world of video games and, for my tenth birthday, built a special storage suitcase for my gathering Game Boy gear.

In the late 1980's Nintendo contacted the foam production facility that my father managed to create and produce the foam packing inserts that kept the Nintendo Entertainment System safe during shipping to your local store. As a part of the design process the company sent my father a NES unit to work with, a NES that found its way to my bedroom when it wasn't being used at the factory. Although in the end Nintendo decided not to use my father's factory for their foam needs and the NES had to go back to Redmond, the enjoyment of a good video game was instilled within me.

Thanks again, Dad, and Happy Father's Day.