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Jamdat Poised To Lead Mobile Phone Gaming

Jamdat Bowling, Bejeweled, and TetrisChances are that the little bowling or puzzle game that you play on your cell phone was released by Jamdat, one of the many companies that focuses on games for mobile phone and PDA platforms.  Business 2.0 has an intriguing piece about the company in this month's issue (although you have to be a magazine subscriber to read the article).  For those without access, here are some interesting tidbits from the article:

  • Jamdat holds 25% of the domestic phone gaming market.
  • Jamdat revenue is forecasted to reach $80 million this year.
  • The $7.50 per download Jamdat Bowling has been downloaded six million times since its release.
  • Jamdat recently paid $137 million dollars for the license to sell the official Tetris for mobile phones for the next fifteen years.

I've never been a fan of cell phone games, but I know people who can't get enough of them.  I prefer to carry my Nintendo DS with me if I think I'll have time for a game on the go, but casual gamers who just want to bowl or organize falling blocks would probably be happier with Jamdat's offerings over those of Nintendo.