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It Came From Across The Sea!

BandbrosNext Generation has a little guide to importing video games from other regions.  The article also suggests a few titles for bringing across the sea, such as Daigasso! Band Brothers and Namco X Capcom.  Importing video games can be an interesting experience; it gives you a neat conversation piece among your gaming friends and provides a little peek at what kinds of games are popular overseas.

At E3 this year one of the AMN crew had Daigasso! Band Brothers and while waiting for the Nintendo press conference to open we all pulled out our Nintendo DSs and played a few multiplayer rounds of do-it-yourself musical composition.  Other non-American DS games floating around at the show included the Japanese versions of Nintendogs (coming to America in August) and Mr. Driller: Drill Spirits (which, unlike its American counterpart, allows for single-game-card multiplayer).