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Nintendo logoIn an interview with Wired News legendary Mariomeister Shigeru Miyamoto let slip something that is one of the first milestones in the GameCube's final sendoff.  With the Super Mario team concentrating on the upcoming Nintendo Revolution console, there will be no more first-party platformer games this generation for the GameCube.  IGNCube has the quote.

Not a direct confirmation, but when asked to clarify if there would be no new GameCube platform games, Miyamoto went ahead and confirmed what some have suspected.  "The Mario team can't create too many games at the same time, so they're concentrating on the Revolution."

While this kind of news was inevitable, it's still a shame to hear it confirmed.  My favorite gaming genre is the platformer, so to know that it will be one year or more until Nintendo releases a new home console run 'n jump game is disappointing.