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Game Boy Micro Has Aesthetic Aim

Game Boy Micro The next iteration of Game Boy Advance, the Game Boy Micro, is expected in stores later this year.  Next Generation has a brief look at the new l'il handheld, citing that this is the first GBA model to drop support for the original Game Boy and cousin Game Boy Color.  In a way the decision to do so makes sense; Nintendo is looking to grab potential customers who are all about cool, and stereotype dictates that "cool people" don't have an old Super Mario Land sitting in their closet.

The target market, according to Nintendo of America's George Harrison, is “image-conscious folks who love videogames, the ones who want the look of their system to be as cool as the games they play on it.” It's an interesting angle, considering that the content of Nintendo's handheld games---a rotund plumber, an electric rat, a tie-wearing ape--have never seemed overly troubled by being cool.

I played the Game Boy Micro at E3 this year and liked the feel of the unit, although the small screen makes it difficult to read onscreen text.  RPGs could be an issue on the GBM which makes me wonder if Nintendo thinks that style-conscious people do not play RPGs.  However, if that was the case then why did the GBM I played have the upcoming Dynasty Warriors Advance on it?

I'd rather have seen a game I'm familiar with on display so I could compare the GBM against the other members of the Game Boy line.  Either way though, I don't see myself buying one.  My Nintendo DS plays GBA games already and as someone who has been enjoying the exploits of Super Mario and other games that are supposedly "for kids" for years, how cool I look in the eyes of those around me is not an issue worth my concern.