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Zelda Secrets Revealed

Twilight Princess In an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma reveal some of the secrets regarding The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess storyline, particularly the identity of the cloaked woman.  Other revelations involve where Twilight Princess falls in the Zelda timeline and that the horseback battle sequence demo at E3 is a precursor to a boss battle that that also takes place atop of Epona.

One of the topics was the cloaked woman seen in the Twilight Princess trailer, which Aonuma confirmed is Princess Zelda wearing a traditional Japanese robe used in funerals. The reason for her mourning is the transformation of Hyrule into a darkened state, allowing monsters from the mysterious Twilight realm to roam free.

From time to time I still see posts on online message boards claiming that Twilight Princess is the Zelda game "we should have gotten instead of Wind Waker", a train of thought that extends from the fact that some people are still against Wind Waker's highly animated visual style despite having never played the game.  I counter that those who hated Wind Waker just because of its visuals should now appreciate Twilight Princess all the more.  I also think that these people should find a new argument with which to pester the message boards because the "celda" complaint is more than two years old at this point.